Life is Good

Some days, it’s hard to remember that life is good.

Some days, one finds oneself forced to question whether the effort is worth it. Some days, work is an insurmountable maze of ever-cycling deadlines and blank pages that refuse to get filled. Some days, home is a semi-spastic morass of laundry piling up and gardening that needs doing and mice chewing their way into the basement and dying in the furnace ducts. Some days, the world is a fairly fucked up Gordian Knot of death and deception and dismay.

Some days, your daughter is home sick from school.

Some days, you discover an excuse to forget all the other shit for a while.

Some days, you curl up on the couch alongside your sick daughter home from school with a large jug of orange juice, then you watch an entire season of Scrubs back to back.

Some days, it’s easy to remember that life is good.