First Dibs on the Alaska Panhandle

My creativity is lost in fiction. I should have gone into political science where all the really weird ideas hang out.

So, still two years to get the kids to Disneyland, i guess.

Here’s the thing, though. The implicit tone of the piece, down to its reference to “much laughter” in the unofficial White House response, is that this guy is an idiot. However, it occurs to me that if he was writing fiction (in particular, speculative fiction), his ideas would seem edgy and groundbreaking — even more so by virtue of the fact that he’s an academic, in the same way that much of the best hard-SF resonates with the edge of science and psychology and sociology that its greatest minds are so well versed in.

I’m inclined to ridicule a lack of thinking whenever humanly possible (as my lack of invitations to religious symposia would attest). But as far as i’m concerned, if your research is solid and your intent is honest, there are no bad ideas.