LOST, in Translation

Yeah, i’m pretty sure this is going to be the beginning of a thing.

So i’ve got the last LOST ready to watch but haven't watched it yet, which is historically unusual for me and my insatiable appetite for all things Island. However, as has been overheard in other contexts, i’ve got a bad feeling about this.

From the episode previous (i think; maybe it was the previous previous) i didn't like two things. First, Christian's line implying that the whole mess was John's fault because he didn't get the subtle inference of the word "you" when he said that “You need to move the island.” Rule 101 of drama — don't freaking treat your characters like four-year-olds. And second, Charlotte's big burst of exposition just before she croaked. (Spoiler alert! after the spoiler. I suspect that’s also going to be a thing.) That kind of stuff is potentially interesting storywise, but it's sloppy writing — and at this stage in the game, sloppy writing is a bad, bad sign for this show.