Dynamic Duo

I’m a huge fan of Alice Cooper and an equally huge fan of British comedy duo the Two Ronnies, both of which (which is to say, all three of which) carried a significant responsibility for keeping me mostly sane through the high school years. Thus it was that i tripped across the following with some amusement.

However, amused or otherwise, when i see things like this, i always feel equal parts of excitement ("Hey, Ronnie Corbett and Alice Cooper are doing a commercial!") and despair ("Why are Ronnie Corbett and Alice Cooper reduced to doing commercials?") From when i was much younger, i remember seeing actors and musicians that i really liked on shows like Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas and thinking "Hey, this is cool!" It was only much, much later that i realized that actors and musicians only did shows like that if their careers were in a death spiral that they were unlikely to ever pull out of.

If you’re a fan of British comedy but are too young to actually know who Ronnie Corbett is, this will be of no help.