Several Thousand Words

So Colleen (significant other) hails from the very tiny town of Lillooet, BC, [link] once famous for being the start of the Cariboo Trail during the gold rush days, but more famous recently for the following.

I’m not normally much into the aesthetics of tragedy and destruction, but even i have to admit that that all looks pretty freaking amazing.

Colleen’s mom and dad still live in Lillooet; which is to say, they’ve been living with us for a little while because the town was evacuated for obvious reasons. That evacuation order was lifted on Friday, so they’ve since headed back. They’re still on notice, but the fire is “under control”; which is to say, still capable of destroying the town, but if it does, it’ll take its time. As far as life-threatening disasters go, i myself am in full favor of those that move at relatively slow speeds. Swarms of killer turtles. That sort of thing.