Gaming is probably the only thing in my life that i would acknowledge as a hobby. Though i’ve been known to spend time in the garden under certain rarefied circumstances. Oh, and i have four dogs, whose care and training suck up enough of my life that i’d probably have to call them a pastime, at least. But it’s odd to me that in addition to gaming as a hobby, i also do gaming as a living, meaning that for a significant amount of my time, i’m engaged in a single activity that bridges the work/life divide in a way i suspect is unusual for most people.

For me, this is different than saying “I’m a writer, yet i also read” because reading and writing are different sides of the same creative coin. One becomes a better writer by reading, certainly, but it’s a basic input/output kind of scenario. However, with RPG work, i’m always playing the game mentally in the course of editing or designing it. As a result, it gets easy to get lost in gaming when the RPG work i’m doing hits critical mass, as it has these days.

I’ve never had a problem shirking work (i took Skill Focus (Procrastination) and the Layabout feat last time i leveled up). It's just that my deadlines these days are scoring criticals on 10-20 and coup de gracing at every opportunity. Prior to now, the work i've been doing for Wizards of the Coast has amounted to about half time, and i've filled out the other half of my paid work with the other stuff i do (primarily script reading and story editing these days). However, i'm now freelancing effectively full time for Wizards, even as i still have as much of the other stuff coming in as always, and much of what's coming in is stuff i've already contracted to do, so even if i do cut back on that side of things, it won't make any difference for a while. Still, there are definitely worse things than being able to work at home doing something you like, so i'm not complaining.

Anyway, the point of me saying all this is that even as i willingly bury myself in the continuum of gaming that is my work and life, i realize that i could easily spend much more time gaming than i do, which is frightening considering how much time i already spend doing it. But i guess if you’re going to have an obsession, it’s good to have one that pays.