“So far, this is the oldest I’ve been.”

Okay, the people that i care about, the people that have inspired me, need to goddamn well stop dying.

Like right fucking now.

The thing that gets to me about the passing of someone like George Carlin is that there will never be anyone else like George Carlin. Having seen the example of Carlin, no comedian or social commentator will ever be able to be anything except a pale copy of the masterpiece that was his mind.

We all dwell in the shadow of genius, and the chill that comes from dwelling in shadow is setting in…


Summing Up

The death of Gary Gygax in March managed to deliver the much-needed kick in the ass required to get back into the habit of trying to chronicle my thoughts and work in a more or less regular fashion. The death of my mom last month (preceded two weeks before that by the death of a writer i once worked with, who was only a couple of years older than me and a whole hell of a lot more talented) has just about scuttled the enterprise in short order.

Another attempt at summary sees things much the same as they’ve been summarized for friends in emails and phone calls lately. I’m just now moving past the bit of emotional breakdown that developed in the aftermath of the acceptance of the events of last month, and getting back on track after the extended family finally cleared out to leave me able to focus on the nuclear family once more.

I'm running in a bit of screenplay mode these days, having worked on a feature draft for a broadcaster in Toronto this month. That's the first screenwriting i've done since we left Vancouver in 2004, so it's been kind of a kick to get back into. It's a romantic comedy about a guy given six weeks to live. (Yes, i said “comedy”.)

Aside from that, everything is all novel, all the time as i try to finish up a new book that i can’t talk about yet. (I find it really annoying when other writers and game designers do the “Can’t tell you about the awesome cool project i’m working on” crap, and had always vowed to avoid that trap myself. Another failing on my part.)

Also, more D&D editing and design, including “Heathen”, which turned out to be the very first adventure published in Dungeon Magazine for 4th Edition (and is available as a free download at the Wizards website). When it was pitched to and accepted by Chris Thomasson at the beginning of the year, he didn’t mention that it would taking that particular slot in the 4e batting lineup, so seeing it first up is quite the treat. Heathen is liberally inspired by Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, though i think the original probably still has more literary cachet. However, i have better cover art than Conrad ever did (by Steve Argyle, who is freaking amazing).

I've got another adventure in hand for Dungeon, plus an
actual D&D adventure penciled in for work next month, by which time the novel will hopefully be done, even though i still won’t be able to talk about it.

As the bard sayeth, words, words, words.

Until right now, i don’t think i ever really appreciated how much my being able to write has done for my ability to work through the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to (also as the bard sayeth). At the same time that they provide me with an income and a sense of purpose, words, words, words are getting me through the process of healing the hole drilled through my heart last month. I’ll have to remember to thank them.