Working for myself/at home, i find that i too quickly lose the distinction of what "work" actually means, as opposed to "life". Sometimes that's in a bad way, as when deadlines keep me from doing things that i know are more important. Sometimes, it's in a good way, as being able to balance the need to let things in and let them happen and be processed with the usefulness of being able to let the work and the writing distract me.

It just feels a little easier being able to compartmentalize things so that it's not "I need to be about work for the next ten hours, then i'll grieve", but to be able to spend the time doing what's most productive or comforting. The danger, of course, is in getting too deeply into not processing it, but i don't think that's too much of a risk for someone as insanely introspective as i've turned out to be.