Like i suppose it does for many people, the advance of autumn always puts me in the mind of death. Having halloween on top of autumn doesn’t help the matter. We should think about moving one or the other to, like, July.

From the midpoint of September, there’s a particular crispness in the air and the relentless approach of darker days that tells you the year is winding down. There’s a feel to the season reminding you that everything ends at some point. Sure, past history suggests that things will start up again at some other point later on, but as with the stock market, those who trust solely to past performance are inevitably in for a letdown.

I don’t like death. Especially in the wake of the spring that’s just passed, i don’t like thinking about it. I don’t like being reminded of death every year at this same time, and in this same grandly metaphorical way. I've always maintained that if there is a god, death would make a premium subject for a massive class-action suit. I get the need to keep populations in check and all that, but at least for the semisentient creatures like ourselves, there should be other retirement options.