Parvum Opus

I hate to be the one to say it, but thank god.

I have to confess that i stopped reading “Opus” about three months into the most recent revival, as Breathed’s inability to actually make a point, his penchant for forgoing humor in favor of “social commentary”, and his enormously irritating habit of recycling the content of his old strips was too soul-crushing in the end.

I found “Outland” weaker than “Bloom County” by an order of magnitude, then found “Opus” weaker than “Outland” by the same order. As a pale shadow of a pale shadow, “Opus” made me wonder what the hell could happen to a person to divorce them so completely from their own genius? I'm still awaiting the verdict on the same question for Woody Allen, but i confess that i’m too afraid to see any of his recent films to properly research the matter.