Evening, Squire

Back in my day, being a Monty Python fan meant that you had seen the Flying Circus or Holy Grail or And Now For Something Completely Different once, maybe twice, on PBS or CBC, both of whose intermittent broadcasts of the group’s canon were watched for with the desperate reverence of a Roman augur scoping out a flock of starlings in advance of a senate election.

Then home video happened, and DVD, and YouTube and all that, the net effect of which is that younger daughter Caitlin and her friends and everyone else in their age group (12– to 13ish) have all seen more Monty Python than any other human beings on earth. Caitlin has probably watched Holy Grail as many times as i have. She can quote jokes that i’ve forgotten. She once recounted for me the story of how a group of grade 7 boys in her class the previous year wowed the school talent show with a certain self-defense sketch involving bananas and pointed sticks. Walking into a classroom of pre-adolescents today and saying “shrubbery” is a guaranteed laugh.

I like this strange new world i live in.