Good Night

For the longest time (like since my university days, i guess), my own nocturnal habits have been an ingrained kind of cycle of work till 2 or 3 a.m., get up at 7, rinse, repeat until the weekend, whereupon i crash on Friday or Saturday at 9 o'clock and sleep till 10 the next morning to seemingly catch up. I never thought much about it, but in recent years as my energy levels have started to flag and my daytime crotchetiness has ever-ratcheted up a few notches more than i'd like it (which would make it a kind of cratchetiness, i guess), i've become aware of studies talking about how badly our bodies actually react to consistent lack of sleep and (especially) to working at night.

The scary thing is that our bodies have this reaction without our realizing it, such that we can consciously feel right as rain and completely in synch with things, even as our brain and body chemistry are slowly burning out.

So good night.