Work and All That

So a significant amount of creative energy of late is being diverted into an ultra-cool writing project that i can’t talk about. I think i’ve mentioned before that i know how annoying that is, because i’m personally annoyed by blogs and production diaries and such wherein people talk about how they can’t talk about what they’re working on. So i’ll stop.

Except to say that the big project is actually pretty much done, so that it’s back to the medium-sized projects now. The problem is that i have enough of the medium-sized projects on the go that they can all flank for +2 on their attack rolls. I’m editing another RPG book for Wizards of the Coast, am reading/analyzing roughly a script a week for Telefilm right now, and am story editing a new feature by the cowriter of District 9, which i had previously been a script consultant for. I’m also doing a ton of game design on my own, primarily a world-design project with a friend from back in the day (as i like to say), building on a set of narrative ideas that have literally been waiting decades to come to light. All i need to do now is figure out how to stop sleeping and i’ll have no problem getting everything done that i need to get done.

Just for the sake of saying it, i like my job a whole hell of a lot. However, the one huge disadvantage of working at home and doing something you like is that it becomes very easy to spend all your free time working. As much as i don’t miss the pressure of having to bring work home, i confess that i miss the ability to make a conscious choice to not bring work home. If that makes any sense. Sadly, however, the office politics i always used to have little patience for doesn’t go away even when you leave the office behind. Working in film, you get to go head to head with a lot of bright, even-tempered, creatively inspiring people. And then you also get to work with assholes. Frequently. Having to deal with them only by way of email is a nice buffer, but i also miss the satisfaction of being able to tell people to go fuck themselves to their faces. Not that that sort of thing ever got me into trouble at the half-dozen jobs i quit/was fired from before now…