Pepysing Tom

Up to January 21st in the Diaries of Samual Pepys, and i've just discovered the secret to Sam's good living:

"Thence to my office where nothing to do."

I seriously need to work on that.


Old School

If i ever play a cleric again, he’ll be named after this guy.


“You Always Wanted More Time”

It occurs to me that i listen to the first six bars of Wilco’s “I Must Be High” more than just about any other piece of music i own. This is because Wilco’s A.M. (on which the above-mentioned track is the first song) is the very first album listed alphabetically in my iTunes library. This means that pretty much every time i start iTunes up with the “play” keyboard shortcut i have hardwired into my system, it starts playing that song, after which it takes me six bars to get iTunes up front on my display and actually find and play whatever I actually want to play.


Play It

As has been discussed earlier, i rarely remember my dreams, and so when i do, it’s cause for celebration and noting them here in order to create the illusion that i matter in some inconceivable way.

I dreamt that a good friend from back in the day (Dave) had been here to the house, and upon departing had made mention of leaving something for me, in a kind of smiling “You’ll have to find it on your own” way. Eventually, i discovered that he’d left a videotape sitting in my VCR (yes, i still have a VCR, even out of the dream). I played the videotape. It was something he had taped off TV years ago, complete with the old scan lines and occasional drop outs attesting to its age. On the tape,  J.P. Patches and H.R. Pufnstuf were recreating the late-night “Of all the gin joints” scene from Casablanca. J.P. Patches was Rick, of course.

No, i don’t know what it means.