When You’re Young Enough

When you’re young enough, when you’re raw enough, when you’re naive enough, there’s always time.

There’s time enough to clip and photocopy and bookmark every article that ever changed your mind about something.

There’s time to read every book you want to read.

There’s time enough to figure out who you are.

When you’re young enough, you can be anybody you want to be. You can feel the possibilities, the potential futures inside you as they tug and pull you forward.

But the older we get, the more acutely aware we become that the number of people we can become gets smaller every single day. The older we get, the more possibilities we feel splitting off from our lives, disappearing like shedding skin.

In the end, when it’s done, we’re all destined to become the one version of ourselves that’s the only version left. So what are all of us doing to make sure that last of all possible persons is the person we really want to be?