Format Follows Function

So Clearwater Dawn went live on Amazon and Smashwords in May (huzzah!), and i’m mostly overwhelmed not by any great sense of accomplishment (though i’m sure that’ll hit me eventually) but by how completely insane the process of formatting a book for Amazon and Smashwords was. Not that it’s complicated, because it’s actually extraordinarily simple in retrospect. It’s just that the complete lack of authoritative documentation and the plain-out wrong advice present in what documentation exists makes for a lot of trial and error, a lot of doing things you don’t need to do, and a lot of avoiding things for no reason when they can actually make the job a lot easier.

As a means of assuaging my pain, i’m going to set up step-by-step guides to formatting a Word document in order to provide the most straightforward conversion to both platforms. (These will hopefully be updated from time to time.)