The Freelancer’s Life

The most significant problem with living the freelancer’s life is that you have no intrinsic sense of when to stop working. With a real job, you have office hours. You have that time past which everybody else has gone home, or the front doors are locked up, or you realize that you simply can’t get anything more accomplished that day. With a real job, you probably hate what you’re doing anyway, so more often than not, it’s not like you need an excuse to give it a rest until tomorrow.

However, get lucky enough to write and edit games and books and movies for a living, and all the “Now’s a good time to stop” signs go straight out the window. Get lucky enough to be able to spend the time in between all your paying projects writing for yourself, and watch the line between work and life get sandblasted away by the joyful pressure of the creative process.

All work and no play make Scott a dull boy, but when your work essentially is play, you need to remind yourself to put the toys away and, like, eat and sleep and remember what day it is and stuff.