Blog Tour 2012 — Michael K. Rose’s SpecFicPick

Throughout August and September, Scott will be diligently avoiding real work by laying down a couple of dozen guest posts, essays, and interviews at various stops across the blogosphere. (It’s still cool to say “blogosphere,” right?) The 2012 blog tour is mostly in support of the release of We Can Be Heroes, but also because Scott really just likes to hear himself talk and thinks you all should, too.

Even though it’s not even August yet, check out a blog tour sneak preview with a quick Q&A with Michael Rose at the SpecFicPick blog, wherein Scott talks fictional philosophy, yo.

MKR: What was your biggest challenge in writing [We Can Be Heroes]?

SFG: Trying to tell myself that I could shape a story incorporating so many personal touchstones into something universal. And at the risk of trying to make myself sound like a person of any skill or talent, I think this is really the essential challenge of all speculative fiction and fantasy…

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