GenCon by Tweet

Day 0

Anyone who wants to find me at GenCon, I'll be the guy who looks like me.

Rental car picked up. 2013 Toyota Matrix with 2300 km on the clock. Mirrored sunglasses on standby.

Bound for Indy.

Denny's in Grand Ledge, WI. To my fine American friends: Fix your freaking highways! Holy crap!

In Indianapolis. Haven't seen any street crime yet. Very disappointed.

Day 1

At GenCon. Security guy to Star Wars cosplayer: "Excuse me sir? I'll have to inspect your blaster."

I saw Michael Stackpole! I was this close!

In person, Ed Greenwood is quite the ribald young man.

Post GenCon. Dinner at the Munchkin Tavern. Saw Steve Jackson and was all like, "Hey, it's Steve Jackson."

Highlight of GenCon day 1: Finding a 24-hour supermarket five minutes from the hotel. Woot!

Day 2

GenCon has events scheduled for 8 in the morning. Have these people never met any gamers? Or are they just expecting people to still be up from their gaming sessions the night before?

8 a.m. healing draught:

The number of people cosplaying Kevin Smith here is astounding.

At GenCon. Actually, no longer at GenCon; at Munchkin Tavern. Food!


Have been drinking with Rob Schwalb. Not for the faint of heart.

Day 3

Getting ready for GenCon. 6:30 in the freaking morning. There's not enough Coke Zero in the world for this.

Have been making a primary mission of saying hi to people I've been working with for 10 years but never met.

Playing Munchkin in the atrium.

Day 4

Played Spycraft. "How much damage will they take from a 1978 Peterbilt?"

There's a secret entrance to the Indiana Convention Center. And I know where it is.