Literally Correct

I can totally understand how this will bother many people, and I won't say they're wrong to be bothered. But in the grander scheme of things, has "literally" not simply joined the ranks of other contronyms?

Not up on contranyms? Those are single words that have not just two meanings, but two meanings that are the opposite of each other. Like if "white" meant both "white" and "black" depending on how you referred to it. 

Here's a few more:

Bound — Going somewhere, or prevented from going anywhere

Cleave — To stick together, or to cut apart

Continue — To keep doing something, or to stop doing something

Dollop — A lot, or not a lot

Liege — The person at the top in charge, or the person that the person at the top in charge is in charge of

Overlook — To pay attention to something, or to ignore something

Scan — To read closely, or to read quickly

Splice — To join together, or to split apart

At some point in history, someone probably railed against people saying "My alarm clock went off" because "off" shouldn't be allowed to mean "activated". Yet humanity somehow survived.