D&D 30 Day Challenge — Day 9

Favorite Character You Haven’t Played

When talking about characters I’ve rolled up and wanted to play but never had a chance to play, there are too many to name and remember, owing to my having started out playing AD&D. That was a system whose character creation rules were so simple that you rolled up new characters every few days just for something to do — and whose survivability at low levels was so tenuous that it was good to have extras on hand when your current PCs inevitably dropped dead.

From the sketchy notes that survive from back in the day, I remember Gedron Shadomage, who was created for a foray into the Caves of Chaos but set aside in favor of another PC (Morgan, from yesterday’s post) at the last minute. I also remember Endolas the Unknown — a half-drow fighter/magic-user who was lovingly rolled up but never used. And this back before everybody and their dogs were playing drow, because there weren’t actually any rules for playing drow. Then there was the paladin Ayrthond, a disinherited knight based loosely on Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe. A monk named Armir. A halfling thief named Bogie Broadfoot.

Because the thought of all these wannabe adventurers never getting their shot at glory makes me sad, I choose to believe that they’re out there in the campaign world somewhere, basking in the glory of as-yet-unwritten exploits. Or maybe they all got smart, sold their weapons and armor to open up a crossroads tavern in the heart of adventuring country, and made some real money.