Fire: Burning toastily.

Sausage, apple, and sage meat pie: Cooked to perfection.

“The Force Awakens”: Queued.

Feet: Up.

2016: Dying painfully, moment by moment.

Happy New Year all.

Radio Free Isheridar

Radio Free Isheridar.

The “Fuck 2016” edition.

“Though nothing will drive them away
  We can beat them
  Just for one day…”

David Bowie — Heroes — Live Aid 1985



[Me, every time I’ve had a chance to respond to the existence of Siri since its inception on the iPhone 4S:] “What a complete waste of time. Fake AI draining my battery with bad voice recognition? What kind of loser installs this crap, anyway?”

[Me, after the first time I use Siri to do a completely hands-free, voice-activated music playlist change while driving:] “MY VOICE IS POWER! I LIVE IN THE FUTURE! COMPUTER! FULL AHEAD, WARP 9!”